Report launch: Are livestock always bad for the planet?

Monday, September 27, 2021 - 10:30 to 12:00

Launch of the report "Are livestock always bad for the planet?", a major report produced by the European Research Council-funded PASTRES programme, in asociation with the Rangelands Initiative and a number of other partners. The presentation will be as part of a side event at the PreCOP26 in Sardinia and will be streamed live. Register here to attend online.

The global debate on climate change is focusing attention on reducing emissions from livestock production, particularly ruminants. As a result, advocates of a ‘protein transition’ emphasise the need for a major shift to plant-based diets. Others call for more space devoted to nature conservation, rewilding and forestry projects.

This event will discuss the implications of these proposals for pastoralists – extensive livestock keepers often living in marginal areas and making use of highly challenging environments. We ask whether pastoralists are being unfairly targeted as major polluters and causes of climate change. Are the models being used appropriate and the data accurate? What are the benefits of certain types of livestock production system, and can these offset the costs? What would a more differentiated perspective for climate policy look like?

The presentation will be Chaired by Antonello Franca (Institute for Animal Production in the Mediterranean). Speakers include Ian Scoones (PASTRES), Fernando García-Dory (Rangelands Initiative/European Shepherds Network), Veronique Ancey (UN FAO), Fiona Flintan (International Livestock Research Institute), Engin Yılmaz (Alliance for Mediterranean Nature and Culture/Yolda Initiative).